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We got the News from Vancouver, BC (Canada) Thank You Cathy for wishing us very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New 2017 Year !

картинка новый год
........I wanted to say Hi and let you  know the "boys" are doing great! They are the sweetest souls ever! They are truly our family and I not sure what we would do with out them as part of our lives. Thank you again for having such wonderful cats!
Vancouver, BC
Разделительная полоска
Серпантин Разделительная полоскаРазделительная полоска волшебная палочка and we glad to announce that our new Schoenweg kittens silver shaded and silver shaded point are waiting for the new serious caring ownes again!

Schönweg Latoya lives in Istanbul ( Turkey)

три бутона

In her new home  she feels  like a princess

and some pictures  which were made before travel in our home Разделительная полоска

Разделительная полоска

Разделительная полоска

Разделительная полоска

Kitten Schönweg Nicodemus lives Hungary

these Pictures were made  as Nico was 5 weeks and  later when he was 5 months old
Разделительная полоска

Разделительная полоска